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Our team

We help businesses turn data into money.
We implement elegance and order into any system, generate ideas and help you achieve your goals in the best way
And here are those who empowered to do anything: from calculating the correlation, to building a prediction model, and large amounts of data will not stop them.

Our partners

Our partners

  1. Flexible approach

    We offer solutions for the project tasks:

    • Working on individual analytical tasks. For the most popular tasks, we have a set of prepared templates (pattern).
    • We build custom automated pipelines for streaming data processing and outputting results to dynamic dashboards, web or applications.

    We will find a solution for any task, taking into account the needs and capabilities of each Partner

  2. Close-knit passionate team

    We are engaged in Data Science not because it is relevant and in demand on the market, but because solving business problems through non-trivial tools for working with data is always a challenge.

    Our team consists of enthusiastic and talented like-minded people!

  3. Effective results

    When solving clients business problems, we use advanced methods of data analytics and machine learning, prepared infrastructure and methodology for working with Big Data.

    We are proud of every problem solved, a successful project and a new Partner